Monday, April 21, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks Thomas Moore #15

Thomas Moore

Tom Moore was born April 17, 1902 in Camden, New Jersey. He was one of seven children born to
Charles and Margaretta Moore. He was always a little slow possibly from a childhood illness. His father died when he was 17-yrs-old followed by the death of his oldest brother and mother the next year. At this time he was working as a teamster for a livery stable.  When he was older he married a woman much older than himself. I remember them visiting our home and bringing alone her little Chihuahua dog. I don’t remember her name. He had a great number of jobs during his life, only staying at each job for one or two years. He worked on the state highway department and Delaware Twp. (Cherry Hill) highway department. He also worked as a hospital attendant at New Lisbon, West Jersey, Lakeland, and the Bridgeton Mental hospital. I remember being kind of intimidated by his missing finger. He was bitten by a resident at one of those mental hospitals and after it became infected had it amputated. He also had a number of other jobs doing things like farm worker, truck driver, hotel employee and more.  A few years before he died he came to live with my family. My mom described him as childlike. She had to tell him to take a bath, put his dirty clothes in the hamper and more. He really liked my brother but pretty much ignored me. One time he brought presents home from the seashore for my brother and me. Mine was a sailor hat with the name Irene stitched on it. The only problem was despite the fact we lived in the same house for a few years – my name is Arlene. A few months before he died he married again and moved out of our house. The wife and her children were strange. One of her son’s used to bay at the moon when it was full. The marriage ended with the death of my Uncle Tom after he had a mysterious fall. That was January 14, 1961. He was buried next to his mother and father in New Camden Cemetery, Camden, NJ.

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