Tuesday, August 5, 2014

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks #26 Mary Hayes Mackin

Mary E. Hayes

            Mary Hayes was my great grandmother but she couldn’t be more distant to me than if we no relation to each other. Her parents, Patrick and Annabell Hayes were Irish immigrants and I haven’t discovered very much about them. She may not have even been Mary since there were times she used the name Bridget, her supposed sister’s name. She was born on June 29, 1853 in Philadelphia although there’s no birth certificate since neither Philadelphia nor Pennsylvania recorded births at that time. She was born on June 29, 1853. She married Charles A. McMechen on Oct. 18, 1870 in Philadelphia. As recorded in the Philadelphia City Archives in the 1870 volume on p. 143, they were married by George Moore of S. 4th St. The records are not very clear but it appears to have been a Methodist ceremony. They used the surname Mackin.
            Their children were: Charles Mackin, born about 1870, William, born about 1872, Margaretta Virginia, born Aug. 10, 1874, Thomas H., born about 1875, and Harry Freely, born Oct. 29, 1877.
            Something about her character made her family disassociate with her. Whether that was before or after her husband’s death is unknown. . She must have done something so bad that they never spoke to her or allowed her grandchildren access to her after that. After his death in 1913, she applied for his military pension from his Civil War service.

            While living at 921 Somerset St. in Gloucester City, NJ she must have made friends with the Etherington family. Bill Etherington, of Etherington’s Funeral Home, told to Midge Moore that he thought she was his relative since she was associated with his family. While living at this address she fell in her bedroom and broke her hip. This condition eventually led to her death of endocarditic on Nov. 21, 1930. O.A. Saunders of 1700 Broadway, Camden, NJ, signed her death certificate. Her son, Thomas Mackin of 122 Crown Pt. Rd. in Westville, NJ supplied personal information for her death certificate. She was buried beside her husband in Greenwood Knights of Pithius Cemetery on Arrott St., in Phila., PA.

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